DashBuddy: A call to the Tumblr team


This is an open comment to Tumblr dev/community staff - and I’m posting this on my Tumblr blog too.

I understand that you guys are hugely busy, and that in the grand scheme of things API support for community programmers is hardly a priority. We’re all devs here, I don’t think anyone expects constant interaction.

You’re absolutely right — we’ve been letting down our developer community. This is an extremely high-priority for Derek and me, and something that our Engineering team (especially JB) has been pulling extra hours to help with.

We don’t, today, have engineers dedicated to supporting our developer community — something we’re working to change as quickly as possible. You guys have been doing unbelievable work for Tumblr users, and we want to do everything possible to support your efforts.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful note. I’m sorry to let you down.

P.S. If empowering incredible developers is your kind of thing, we’d love to chat.

It has always been my impression that there is no tumblr api because there is no tumblr support. So far, I’ve been right.